Sunday, December 30, 2012

30 Day Challenge

Dear friends of the Universe, I hereby challenge you to be gluten free, vegan, smoke and alcohol free, caffeine and sugar free (All unnaturally occurring sugar, fruits are okay) for 30 days beginning New Years Day 2013. I know. The thought is maddening but we are in it together and CAN do this. I promise you will feel better if you complete the challenge. :-) Join my Facebook page "30 Day Challenge" All welcome to post photos, videos, tips, recipes, stories and articles about your success and struggles. This is the perfect time to detox from the holidays, strengthen our immune systems so we can avoid getting colds or the flu, show gratitude for this life by respecting our bodies, celebrate the world NOT ending and start off 2013 with health, clarity and revitalization of our minds, body and spirits! For those of you who think this is crazy, why not try it out? If after 30 days you want to go back to a life of meat, bread, cheese, booze, coffee and/or smokes, do as you please. Whats 30 days of your life? Its only about 8% of the year. That's just a blink of an eye in the span of your life but a chance to change it for the better! If I can do it, so can YOU! Let's do this together! Share with your family and friends. Vegans, carnivores, chain smokers, the gluten intolerant, alcoholics, wine lovers, coffee snobs and sweet-tooth-having-Christmas-Elves alike! Follow and like my blog and check back daily for tips, recipes and updates! Article suggestions and submissions greatly accepted! Peace, Love and Light, Katie xx Amateur: Blogger/Traveler/Yogi/Makeup Artist/Entrepreneur/Fairy Ball of Goodness