Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Year, New You: What are YOU gonna do?

And so it goes:  The new year roles around and in a blink of an eye, January has nearly flown on by.  Again!

Every year we put off our self betterment with another excuse.  "Next year, next month, next week, tomorrow, I'm just not ready, I can't afford it..."  and so on and so forth.  Well,  this year I'm personally done with the excuses.  I've heard them all.  From everyone, including myself.  Most notably myself.  I've always been the queen of excuses.  There's always something with me.  This year I'm going to practice what I preach (or at least try a little harder at it.)  That laundry list of things I've always wanted to learn?  Classes I wanted to take?  It's getting a whole lot of cross outs this time around. 

I volunteered with a school program in Queens teaching kids to use creativity to build confidence and teamwork.  We danced in a circle, taking turns showing off our groove and following each others moves.  It was a blast.  Ive sat through shows with acts ranging from poets to songwriters, musos to beat boxers and rappers that can rhyme faster than I talk (if you know me, you are well aware of how impossible this idea sounds). All of this, inspiring yet another new dream, to learn how to beatbox and rap. Really!  Singing lessons are booked.  Dance classes have been danced.  Old school hip hop?  Kathy a.k.a. "Go get it gurl!" took us on "tour" with MC Hammer.  I've still got my "pumps in a bump".  Gleefull class has Cee Lo's "Forget You" stuck in my head, indefinitely.   Doonya (a fusion of Indian classical/folk/Bollywood dance) has me ready to sign up for the three month Doonya challenge (and maybe even a training course) and this is just the beginning.  Unnata aerial yoga?  Ready and waiting for the next teacher training!  Hammock fluidity?  I hung upside down, attempting to twist and turn my body into the correct position (without falling) long enough to have a bruise to show for it.  I have plans to install a silk hammock from my ceiling.  It's in the talks, anyway.  Oh, the many, if not infinite uses of a large piece of fabric hanging from the ceiling. Its a chair!  It's a swing!  It's a yoga/fitness prop!   No, it's my fantasy bed!!  Pilates?  No quite my thing but my body still aches, in a good way.  An online Ayurveda course has begun and I'm about to sign up for a health coaching course as well.  

All in all, just weeks into this new year and I'm fully inspired, eagerly learning, happy as a clam, shining bright with gratitude and ready for more, more, more, please!  My life is transforming into the most intriguing circus act.   Heck, by the end of they year, I may even be ready to join the circus, if that is still my wish.   My body is regaining strength and tone I haven't had since my high school cheerleading days.  Fun and adventure levels are skyrocketing in ways they don't normally, unless while traveling.  Okay, so my debt may be rising a little bit but nothing I can't, and haven't payed off before (with a lot of hard work).  Charging every possible class onto your credit cards is a wee bit extreme and I don't recommend trying that at home, kids.  Though, thanks to websites like and Groupon, great deals and new experiences are widely attainable.  I do suggest you try something new.  Hang upside down, dance like the cast from Glee, flex some muscle, pick up a paint brush, OM your shanti on, whatever floats your boat.  Who knows, you're next hobby or dream job may just do a backflip in front of you screaming "Pick me!! pick me!".  (Or perhaps it will come to you in the form of a Bollywood dancer).  

What are you waiting for??  Go do it, to it!

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