Friday, May 10, 2013

Spot the Smile

Twice a week I take a seven year old home from school on the subway.  He is always asking for my iphone to play games on and begging for ice cream and candy which I try desperately not to give in to (seeing as I think of skittles and the likes as legalized crack and would feel guilty drugging a kid-sorry ice cream man!). 

Yesterday, in attempt to bring the fun back and distract him from the "misery" he goes through not getting to play on an iphone and eat insane amounts of sugar,  I told him about the exciting new game we could play.  It's called: "Spot the Smile".  One point for every smile you spot.  Whoever gets to 10 first "wins".  He always beat me.  I tried to explain that everyone wins in this game because you end up with a big huge smile on your face!  He still likes to go by the "winner/loser" senario.  Either way it really brightened both of our days.  Also, playing it in New York City makes it all the more challenging .  It is New York after all.  

Today I challenge all of you to play, even if by yourself.  You'll be amazed how happy it can make you to "spot the smiles" rather than stare at the frowns.  Or peoples shoes.  Or the pavement.  You get the picture.

Happy Days and Smiles to all,


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